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On the shelves of my memories, I found a dark book written on Love was beautiful

On the shelves of my memories, I found a dark book written on Love was beautiful

Dawn and its thunder, the morning of the clouds raining me, every moment and every hour. The morning of the sweet word, the morning of love is bound to the limits. Morning love and spinning, morning accompanied by hope, morning love honey. You become a happy board, a bird roaring above trees, a morning of satisfaction from the Lord of mankind, good morning for the sweetest bird, morning of love for the best heart, the morning of our God for my age. Enjoy my morning with your presence, and show my days and you are with me, I send you the most beautiful morning jog, your heart rejoices and happy your day. Romantic Morning Expressions O morning of all love, and the sun of my life and its shadow Whatever the change of time, love is in its place. Morning roses and apples, and Jai vaccine to me my spiritual residence, my heart and my heart. Good morning, honey, honey, open rose I am a good day father, I said your number become. Your morning is different light, open and rose flowers and heralds us his birds, good morning and pleasure. Beauty of the morning with your eyes, and the light of the sun decree your eyelids and all the universe is settled without you !! I and the fragrance of roses, and the cold breath say: Morning roses O Ward. The sweetest morning for the soul and the soul of the soul. Romantic morning mashajat Asafir al-Sabbah Shafouk, from their perspective Erfok, and most of your allies, what you forget to Bihabok. I wish you all the best of your satisfaction, even if you influence on your path and roses, deserve all the jealousy, Mr. Ahbab. Happy morning those who are on the heart Ghalien, walk them souls before the messages, we send you roses and jasmine, makes your morning of concern Zail. Good morning, rare birds, with a big heart always cares, and think about others. A cloud of rain is raining in the sky of your world, and the fragrance of your warm heart, and it says good to you. I give you two invitations: the first from my heart to what I forget you, and the second from my Lord, may I care for you. Good morning, Gaeb, sugar in the honey Deeb, Asana but in your mind, perhaps I think what is wrong. The morning is a joyous word, the bridges of hope open, and love is the word of longing, beginning with the morning of honey. Good morning and tenderness, from the heart of the band ups. Good morning, Massa, heartbeat and feeling, Morning amber spreads to the soul of the zeen and his breath. O earth of his protection, and the stars of the holiness, and the dagger and seconds of his feet, see this precious and die in it. You have become a good-looking boarder, a bird singing above trees, a morning of satisfaction from the Lord of mankind. With the coming of the morning and the chaos of men, I loved you and I say to you: Good morning, the most precious people. And it is important that you taught me to love you more than you love me. I love you love beyond all words of love. I will pass through all the distances, and I will sink into the sea of ​​your eyes my beloved. The rain of rain will be the sweetest human beings, the people to shine the sun, and rejoice in your souls, good morning. In the early morning, in the prayer of Tahir, he sent a bouquet of roses, to be more precious than he had passed over the khater, good morning. Your gift is gone, you are the most precious. Romantic morning poems Tell me the morning of love, Khalini Arteh Abghi Otman, and I hear you If you shouted some Arabs do not miss the soul misses and you asked me about you until my morning. Happy morning, satisfaction, love, your eyes and your voice, the morning and the morning, and your occupation. I love you, and I love your madness, sweet word morning love with your sense. O good morning and your eyes morning morning morning love, longing, and letters. Morning longing and passion Oh this day and hide what tells the love how to sip If the link is denied If tomorrow after the craft I am amenorrhagic morning light. I am a gimk and a fanny of the god of lusts, and your heart is lightning. I miss you in his womb, and I shower to you the morning of love, and the sun and the melt melt within the horizons. You are the morning of love, and the sun of sunshine is on your own if love is absent you are rejected. From you love sings the whole of my tears and the waterfall of your love watered my heart orchards. Happy morning roses, O Rose, O my morning, I have my morning ashamed of forgetting you, and then the cold and clear the wishes of the morning morning do not become. From yesterday we wait for you and I am the morning and tell me morning roses and open roses! Even if the times of the winter after every morning, what starts you feel cold! O morning roses, lavender breaths and perfume, adoration, your sense, and taste. O morning of longing for security Trami in the dark to your place in the dark. O sweet of the sun in your eyes. Morning is pleased to him with my heart lusts O planet sense of poetry in your wool. The morning of love is happy, the sun of sunshine is overflowing with joyful joy from your appearance. Wael, you, O morning Massa, your hero Come, I am a sleep from my mouth, my eyes are clear from you and I am happy with your joy, happy morning, my morning. Good morning, my morning morning soul, the most precious human morning and good morning, morning inside my eyes morning musk and amber Morning longing and compassion.

Romantic morning words Good morning, heart I remind him of good and longing for you in your absence. Sabah morning and jasmine, morning, good, love, happiness, morning innocence and loyalty, your morning poems and smiles. Morning Jasmine from the heart loves you, and eye dreaming of seeing you, and wounded heal Balqiak. The most beautiful meanings of my love I gave to those who inhabited my heart, morning roses and good musk. Your morning is a bird that lies in your cage, your morning is a breeze, your morning and fragrance, your morning, the beautiful cloud and the rain. Morning all love, O sun, my age and its shadow, time and place change, and still love in its place. Good morning on the silent heart and soul, seeing you happy heart, heal wounds. Morning is mixed with verses of the Koran, your reservation from the devil, and light your day with the permission of Rahman. The morning of lovers' longing, the morning of the seductive patience, the morning smell of roses and jasmine. Look out the window every morning to see you, you are the sun that will not let the sky down by its departure. A pure morning began, light my heart, and sow the smile on my lips, and open the way of love in my heart, so this good morning. With the beautiful morning breeze, I ask God to bless you with a joy that does not come after sadness or happiness, and happiness does not come after misery, and a livelihood does not come after him need. My morning wishes that the sun of your visions will shine on it, and enjoy the warmth of the heavens. Morning is full of good, health, happiness, peace of mind, and satisfaction. Morning brilliance is wonderful, but the grandest is the brilliance of your presence in the heart and spirit. Oh my beautiful morning, and the sweetest of my blessings, the morning beautiful by nature, but your brightest beautiful. I have a good morning in which the best attributes, and the morning of light where the light of the smile, and love him proof beyond the stories, and the truth of his actions raced his words. The birds of the morning, Shavuk, from their sight Ermok, and most of your allies, do not forget who loved you. Love and heartbeat longing, say good morning to good. Good morning honey, honey, open rose, I am a good day father, I said your number become. I and the rose, and the cold breath, say morning roses, O Lord. Morning swallowing and craving! Morning people who are all taste, morning morning sweeter morning. Oh, the most beautiful people, the good I have given you, O people I tortured you, I forgot what I forgot you. The morning is fragrant with gourds, its fragrance spreads on the loved ones, and the heart refreshes the fury, if I can appreciate the air of cilia. Morning morning, morning honey, morning love and spinning, morning accompanied by hope, morning love, honey. O morning of all love, and the sun of my life and its shadow, no matter how time changes your love is in its place. Rejoice and apologize to me for the delay, I am waiting for you today! What a friendly I hear (good morning) from any gap before you feel. Morning embraced the roses Oud, all your taste and hope all your satisfaction, even if you affect your path and roses, all the gulf deserve, Mr. Ahbab. I acknowledge you with my love, and the recognition of the truth as a virtue, always comes to mind, and I hope I will see you in the morning and every night. Morning roses and amber, O fat Oud evaporator, I wish I could wipe in you and be thirsty. Morning is worthy of a glock, Sabah is lacking the souls of your hobby, and you are ashamed to their morning with you !! Emotional morning messages confused how to become you, say Oh rose in the morning, or light morning roses. Morning honey O my honey, even if my hands treat people to give you a recipe. O fragrance of laughter, O witness and taste, O light of the sun, O voice of whisper, Happy morning. Your morning is the blessing of God, your morning is good for man, God protects you Manan verses from the Koran. What is sweeter than your morning, and the sun enlighten your life, and be the first of your messages, and I say happy morning. Good morning my life, sweet morning morning, the most precious love of love, and the most beautiful thing I love you. Morning roses with all its colors, the morning of the soul with all its senses, the morning of longing with most of its time, and the morning of love with all its madness. O morning of all love, and the sun of my life and its shadow, whatever the change of time you love in its place. Morning roses and apples, and Jai with the vaccine, for me my spiritual residence, my heart and joy. Good morning my life, sweet morning morning, and sweet love of love, and sweetest thing I love you. I like to become a Bahdawah, your day is Hadi, with a taste of honey and sweetness. Good morning! Morning is different light, bloom and roses and flowers, heralds us his birds, good morning and pleasure. صباح الحب من قلب عشق روحك وتمنها, عشق همسك, عشق خطك, وراسيلك تحراها This page has had visits All times are GMT +3. The beauty of the morning with the gaze of your eyes, and the light of the sun decree your eyelids, and the whole universe is settled without you! Morning morning and morning, the morning of love in every heart, the most precious and sweetest of its finest. Good morning to the sweetest bird, morning of love for the best heart, Morning of our God for my age. Sabah al-Ward and al-Falaq Al-Ahlween, but I say to them, I mean, I mean, and I want to miss you! O morning of hope and beautiful dawn, sweet meanings and genuine longing. The sweetest morning of the soul and the soul, Shuftk eye and healing wounds. I give you a rose Yasmin, color the color of your heart, you become, and say Oh, good, your path. And the bird and his covenant shall be commanded by the Lord of Good, He shall bless you and say good morning. Morning of love and covenants, morning of the flute and the oud of the oud, the morning of roses to the heart of the heart. Morning of roses, morning of longing, morning of love and tenderness, your own morning alone, you deserve it. Good morning, morning for the sweet, and the rest of my prayers, guarded by my Lord of the saints. Good morning, my most beautiful morning at all, beautiful this morning, but your laughs are nicer. From Badri and I am friendly, I say, morning morning, fal, O Lord of all. Good morning, after my age, may your age be good and morning, the morning of wishful dreams and red roses. You sweeter flowers, the former birds, I tell you, your morning love and flowers. Sabah al - Ward O Wardah Shatha perfume Al Bustan, good morning, beautiful Bismah expels the sorrows. Morning of roses O my soul, the morning of tenderness and sense, morning morning Oh my age, I wrote it in the most beautiful verses. Morning morning and tenderness, morning love, my soul, my beloved today reminded us, and your father, my consent my wounds. Sabah is happy your days, and away from your sorrows, morning renews you, and brings you loved. A morning worthy of a glock, a morning lacking in the souls of your hobby, and you will be ashamed to their morning with you! Morning no more light, morning roses of all kinds, the morning of the sun to show me, light

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