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Once you forget, you will pass a strange, carrying their quasars, on your face arouses your nostalgia, cry forget you and go on

Once you forget, you will pass a strange, carrying their quasars, on your face arouses your nostalgia, cry forget you and go on

And the words and beautiful words spoken in the morning of the cereal will remind you here some of them, I hope you like. Beautiful words in the morning to the lover I and the fragrance of roses and the cold breeze say: Morning roses Yaward. And the bird and its allies are commanded by the Lord of Goodness. Good morning, the most beautiful bird. And the world of the world I cut it, and my heart is full of it, and with it: Good morning I sent it. Arstalk my heart is portable on the wing bird .. Ybosk and say good morning. O morning of hope and dawn beautiful .. Sweet meanings and genuine longing. The most beautiful morning to the resident of the heart and soul .. Shuftk eye and eye healing wounds. Morning morning and morning glory of love in every sad .. O most expensive and sweetest of the finest. Good morning for the sweetest morning bird of the best heart .. Morning of our God for my age. Sabah al-Ward and Al-Falah Al-Ahlween .. But I say I love them. I have you two roses and Tbosk roses and tingle your cheeks and say .. Good morning. Morning morning orchards of love bear fruit and happiness .. Morning of paradise, beloved ones. The morning does not change .. But every day comes in a beautiful way .. Perfume God morning you. Good morning you, and the water of roses your bribe, and peace Ohditk, even if you close your love. I give you a rose Yasmin color color of your heart. The morning of longing for the people of taste .. And the morning of our beloved to my beloved. Good morning and secrets removes concern and stress .. A love letter sent to vinegar increased the amount. Morning roses and apples and Jai Maqi vaccine .. Lee spiritual accommodation .. and take my heart and rest. Morning clean hearts, morning God accepts your work, and explain your chest and remove your concern. Happy morning of roses Oh good heart .. Your morning returns the spirit and give the door of the heart is open. O morning of all love and the sun and my age and shadow .. Whatever the change of time love you in its place. Morning of love and covenants .. Morning morning and fat Oud morning roses to the most heart in existence. I like to become a Bhdawh .. Day Hadi Patrawh .. taste of honey and sweetness .. Good morning. صباح ينور طريقك .. وقلبي دوم يدايلك .. User Name Remember Me? Morning is perfumed with the remembrance of God, an envoy to the most beautiful creation of God, enlighten your path and bless your day, God willing. Good morning my life .. sweet morning morning .. the best love of love and sweetest Shi I love you. In the morning of a magician with a prayer of Tahir sent a bouquet of roses Ather for the most expensive than passed on the risk. Your morning white beaded board Zahi, God takes care of the final command, and makes your luck bright. Morning Love and Sensation, morning written with the water of diamonds, a special morning for the most cherished people. Good morning and candlelight .. Morning wipe tear .. I love you from Saturday until Friday night. With the cold dawn breeze, and with each bird about its stray nest, we get you and make good for you. Your morning is worthy of a plank .. Morning is lacking the souls of your hobby .. And you Bkht Elly morning today with you. Morning morning morning love morning love and tender .. morning alone you deserve it. Morning light and the breeze for the most precious face and smile .. Morning of the name and his soul and heart and number. Morning manga and pineapple .. Morning special for the most cherished people .. Morning written with the water of diamonds. The beauty of the morning with the gaze of your eyes and the light of the sun Decree your eyelids .. And all the universe is settled without you. Your morning is different Nora .. Open flowers and flowers .. Promise us his birds .. Good morning and pleasure. Morning morning thoughts .. I have become my heart is empty .. Look forward to you morning Ghali .. You are okay and well. Good morning, sweet honey, honey, open rose .. I am a good day father I said your number becomes. Let us rise in optimism and wait for a beautiful morning to gaze upon us and shine in us the suns and awaken hope in us. Morning .. Breathe to the memory of God .. It is the nectar of your sense .. Of the ecstasy of your souls .. From the noise of your evenings. Morning Love from the heart of the love of your soul and wish .. Ashk همسك عشق خطك ومراسيلك تحتريها. Morning laughter and smile on the gap of the moon .. Morning rain in the desert land is always thirsty. Your morning is the blessing of the Lord .. Your morning is sweet ... I love you with all my heart .. This is my call from the heart. Morning mulberry and pomegranate .. Morning written with the water of saffron .. Morning special for the most cherished and most precious person. Morning morning morning honey morning love and spinning .. morning accompanied by hope morning love honey. Morning Morning Narcissus and Anbar .. Morning sweeter than sugar .. morning fragrance and kadi .. Sabahk caught and evaporated. Good morning to my life .. Deh sweet morning morning .. The most expensive love of love .. The most beautiful need in my life I love you. Morning fragrant Balzouq .. Affliction of his affection on loved ones .. And refreshed the heart of the failure .. If I appreciate the atmosphere of the cilia. Morning morning with all its colors .. Morning spirit with all sense .. Morning longing Bkther time .. And the morning of love with all madness. Start your morning with a smile and let everyone around you smile .. Let life shine in bright colors .. And refresh your spirit with joy and optimism. Sabah snatched from the sun and his life .. And hope erase the pain of the heart and its meaning .. Let the beautiful morning breeze addresses you to become good and optimistic. I shone the morning and looked at the sky .. And remembered the greatness of the Creator .. And believed in his ability to engulf the day by night and the night by day, Hallelujah great. Morning is a source of optimism and the birth of hope again, can not be felt unless you smells Nsmath and saw the light and filled the atmosphere of your soul purity and calmness. Morning is a nice visitor .. come on schedule every day .. The best thing we receive is to thank God that sometimes after our mother and respond live to the farmer to be the best start for each morning. The morning sent a new beginning of renewed .. Put off your old dress and wear your new morning another dress .. And corrected your mistakes and look forward to a bright day to be honest with your heart and your mind. For your morning and two roses: Red rose says I love you .. A yellow rose says I wish you had .. Morning roses to the people of roses and morning longing for the people of taste and the morning of my beloved to my beloved. Morning of roses of all kinds, the morning of the sun to show, and the light of dawn and its radiance, the morning of the clouds for me to rain every moment and every hour, morning al-Juri freshened with oud and his followers. I woke up the lights of the morning .. And opened the windows Vstltni the sun with its golden sun .. I felt that it cast on me shades of hope and optimism Nahr God willing will be beautiful and bright. Morning is inhabited by waves of your mood .. Benfuj

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