تحير و تبقى حاير في الجزائر

one day he will comes what will make you forget all

one day he will comes what will make you forget all

Many people said about life and called it beautiful words, so we find what has been transmitted to us from celebrities and greats, which is useful to us, and here I have you to collect some words affecting life, I hope you get your admiration. Affecting Life The normal life is a complex complex. Harvey Becker Be thankful for the things you have, you have to have more in the end. If you focus on the things you do not own, you will not have enough in your life. Oprah Winfrey If a person begins with reliable things, he will end up in questionable things, but if he starts with doubtful things, he will end up with the reliable, reliable things. "Francis Bacon" Life is not a tradition of art, but a tradition of what on television. Woody Allen Life sometimes looks like nothing but a lot of loss, from start to finish, how the reaction to these losses will be, what will you do with the rest, the remaining part is a compensation for what went on. "Catherine Weber" I will try once, twice if I liked the thing, three times to make sure it. "My West" It is better to live your life in an incomplete way, to live your life as a tradition for someone's life in an ideal way. "Elizabeth Gilbert" Sometimes a person does not need a specific goal to move forward with his life, just need to know what to do next. "Sophie Kinsella" When I look into the mirror, I know that I am looking at someone who is not sure that she deserves to be loved and to be in this life. "Nicholas Sparks" There is only one advice to stay aware, listen well and help the needy, to get a perfect life. Judy Bloom does not waste your time making justifications, people listen to what they want to hear. "Paulo Coelho" Some people have a life to live and others have music to listen to. John Green "The many things I see are the least I know. "John Lennon" A woman must live her life, or live to deny something she did not do. "David is not born good or bad, he may be born to choose the path he will take, but it is important to know the approach in which his life will live. Cassandra Clare does not say you do not have enough time in a day, you have the same time as those who changed our lives for the better. "Jackson Brown son" If I can stop the heart of one person from grief, my presence is necessary in life. "Emily Dickinson" continued to live to the point of tears. Albert Camus says books say someone did something for a reason. Life says he did something only without details. Everything is explained in the book and not so in life. I'm not surprised that some prefer books. "Julian Barnes" is not part of your illusions, when these fantasies go you will stay, but you must stop life. "Mark Twain" It is not the sense of perfection is what I want, but the feeling of lack of space in my life. "Jonathan Fuer" I'll go look for a word maybe in this life. "Francois Rabelier" You can not get back your life, go through the horrible things, without losing what makes them new and interesting, you have to accept them just as they are. "Stuart Onan" The learning experience is one of the things that says: Do not repeat things that I did before and were just dark memories. "Douglas Adams" The saddest people I've ever met in my life are those who do not care about anything at all, Side, and without them any happiness is a temporary happiness because there is nothing to make it from the past. "Nicholas Sparks" Anyone can live according to his abilities in life. "Marcus Zusak" Life shrinks or expands according to the courage of the person. People who come and go, will come out of your life, just like the characters in the book you read. Once you close the book, you will move on to another book and other characters that will interest you most. "Nicholas Sparks" The most beautiful words affecting life Sad to write do not receive the meaning, and scream Do not receive my voice, and that I breathe my breath I do not see you, and that I die and receive the news as strangers. Do not cry over anyone who will not cry over you, but cry over those who fill the world with tears for your eyes. He thinks when I talk about his memories that I still love him, and I think when I write about him with a wet eye, I still hope for his return, and he does not realize that since his death, "I have counted him dead," his white talk about him is only in compliance with Mustafa's saying: "Remember the merits of your death." Some believe that our hearts are weak and stupid, but he does not know that we are able to pour black color on the lives of all those who cause us wound and hurt. If you are a poor person, then let you be imprisoned in a religion, do not be sad, and if you do not have a means of transportation, then change your feet. If you complain about the pain of others lying on the white family, do not grieve. Say thank God for the grace of Islam and smile because God sees you. I cry over you, do I cry for myself, or do I cry for what I lost, or do I cry over a world that saturated me with a blow without touching me? Some people have had priority in our lives, and our mad love for them, they have grown old or grown up on us, so they become nothing in our lives, and we do not know whether we have wronged them or wronged us. If you are lonely do not feel sad, just remember that the moon is lonely and despite its unity remains the most beautiful thing in the sky. The wisest of the people left the world before leaving it, and lit his grave before he inhabited it, and pleased his Lord before he received it, prayed the group before praying on him, and calculated himself before being held accountable. Today he worked without account and tomorrow account without work. Life is like a piano, black keys are moments of sadness and white keys are moments of happiness, both of which are manipulated together to give beautiful music. It is not only complete with white keys, but also black keys. The bad ones in our lives are a blessing; Beware of your enemy once and your friend a thousand times, if the friend turned, he knows better. Your brother is from your sincerity, not from your sincerity. Good Brotherhood

I bring them. If she had maintained affection, her solitude was better than her appearance. If you are in all things your friend's letter has not received which you do not dislike. Know your friend and leave him. The neighbor is first in swarm. The neighbor before the house. A friend is either to benefit or to intercede. a friend in need is a friend indeed. Repentance is the gift of loved ones. Oh my God the evil of my friends, but my enemies, I am their sponsor. Unity is better than a bad Gillies. Your brother is from Asak. The knowledge of the people of the forbidding. If not the separation and separation. Do not go together. They became like brothers and treated like strangers. Come close to affection and trust in kinship. One is like him. Paradise without people is not trampled. The jewels of morality are described as cohabitation. The best money is what I directed. The best conversation and the book is free of the owner of the owners. Travel instead of what you break. Intimacy reduces cost. The evil of the country, a country without a friend. His companion if accompanied by every magician easy-natured divorced assistant. Bad companionship corrupts morality. Your friend when you give up a lot, and what you have when your poor friend. You in the Brotherhood, in prosperity and in many scourge. One does not ask and ask about his partner. When adversity is known, the Brotherhood. Saying the truth did not call me a friend. Frequent admonition distinguishes loved ones

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