Our world is strange We love so much sadness that we go to the consolation without an invitation   and We don't go to the wedding only with an invitation

Our world is strange

We love so much sadness that we go to the consolation

 without an invitation

  and We don't go to the wedding only with an invitation

There is no more difficult than the wound of the beloved, and there is nothing more painful than the separation and separation, who gave him life gave you death, and built with him dreams destroyed by a glance, and you gave him your heart and your soul gave you unity and darkness: We intend to leave when all the solutions to stay, Our headaches are low and heavy steps. What is harder to lose is someone who is all your dreams! I will die for my memory. May disappear behind the beautiful smile, great sadness. There is no worse than a human being asking for your name, which has always been associated with the word love you. Wondrous son of Adam adores those who love you and humiliate those who love you. What is harder is to love someone despite everything he did to you. He who loves you does not misjudge you. What's harder is to love someone, and destiny comes with ease and distinguishes between you! Be a lot smile, you do not know the magnitude of the concerns that some hold. The sensation is hurt when your eyes bleed in front of someone you love and do not stretch out your hand to wipe it. What is harder to laugh and let you scream! I try every day to draw and tattoo my wounds on paper, trying to translate my sense and feelings that faded, but in the end I discovered that I was writing my wounds on sand. True love ends only with the death of its owner, and false love dies when its owner lives. How do you know the meaning of loyalty? Do you ever know the meaning of loyalty? Have you left the heart to love and cried? You will never know crying. You will not know your heart. Crying, Did you learn how to cry, Have you won your eyes with my heart, Have you loved love like me, You will never be my love, Have you seen the glitter of my eyes, Have you heard the sound of the flute, Have you loved love? Know your heart cry. Do not see me do not cry, live the grace of forgetfulness, the loss of your tears descend on those who do not observe them. Not everyone who knows the meaning of love finds it and not everyone who finds it deserves it. Look at the sea, how can you know how many tears my eyes have shed to dispel me? Look at a stormy dispute of a tree that you imagine grabbing my heart with your hand. My love, my gifts and my sufferings have become without price, far away from all that has become my loss. I have gone beyond all my exhausting attempts to create hope with you. You have become the most intolerant, beyond my compassion and my possibility of being the end document. I have not had the opportunity to thank you. My greatest appreciation. Do not you come moments when your heart aches for a little thing that you remembered was between us? And how I expect that you and you are a piece of arrogance, I am very happy now, so much can hide a lot of pain. I did not expect it from you, you give up on me? Are you really that hug I threw my heart without doubt in any pain may be inflicted on me? Are you really a spiritual refuge that I used to hide from my pain? I have suffered many cruel and victorious wars, and you have come to me with a treacherous penance to defeat me! When I looked at you today, I did not see the sleeping benefactor on your cilia, but I saw a stifle in your eyes, I did not feel tender to your touch, I hid my hands from the violence of your hands, and I spoke a lot to silence you, to escape the rigors of your words and the harshness of your voice. Thank you for your interest, to go and leave me torn by conflicts, to remain all this time without a question, to leave me on promise and forget the promise after the letters leave your lips. My heart is destroyed from time to time, like a little one, like your favorite blood that you destroy with your hand. Feel the feeling when you wish to say to those who love you but can not.

I always try to repair the cracks that we make in the walls of our walls, and I will recover from one of them until you come to me with fire, and the whole wall is broken. The sensation of blowing that is not worth the love. I will take you with all that I have done for you, and I will comfort you with the languor of my laughter, my weakness, my tears and my voice, and I will guide you by the steps of her step to our place, to find a trace of you. If you slay my heart, I will raise the banner of my victory over you, so it will be the army of tenderness, warmth and love that protects you has died, and you are the one who killed him. You have suffered pain and pain and decided to live without you. Sorry for the following news. Our love for the pulse has stopped, and my attempts to make him breathe Hanani, my interest and my care have failed. His blood was full of the name of negligence and inertia. Feel the sensation when you call on the one you love with all your arms and ignore your calls to him. You want to see me again, do you know how tortured I was with you? Do you know how I felt separation? Do you know how much my heart is torn between trying to return to torment near you, and the torment of continuing to try to stay away from you? Now, after all this trouble, I also wish to see you only to make sure I am fully recovered. The sensation of being given to someone you love is given, given, and given nothing. Sometimes we get used to sadness until it becomes part of us, and we become part of it. Sometimes the human eye gets used to some colors and loses the ability to see others, although he tried to see what was around to discover that the black color is beautiful, The gray sky stirred feelings and imagination, but the color of the sky is the purest in its blueness. Look for serenity, even if it is a moment, and seek fulfillment, even if it is tired and hard, and clinging to the strings of the sun even if it is far away, and do not leave your heart, feelings and days for things lost in its time. The sensation of feeling that you press on your dignity for the one you love waiting for him to crown your dignity with a crown of love, unfortunately can only find the wound and humiliation. Wound sensation that scream at the top of your voice can not help anyone. She forgot me and forgot my most beautiful moments, moved away from me and moved away from my dreams, and left me in my west I suffer. The sensation of being away from you who you love in the most moments that you need him. When you feel a moment of farewell, you can not say goodbye. The new age when his leaves fall will not return again, but with each new spring will sprout other leaves, look at those sheets that cover the face of the sky and let you fall on the ground has become part of it. The sensation of feeling that you walk in the path of love, but every step away from you and does not bring you closer. The sense of love is extinguished by the ray of love that illuminates your heart with the hand of the one you love. If yesterday is lost between your hands today, and if today will gather his papers and leave you have tomorrow, do not grieve yesterday, he will not return and do not regret the day is gone, and dream of a bright sun in a beautiful tomorrow. Love to love and love and love and turn your love to hate because of who you love. Do not look at the heart of the traitor for love, who first betrayed you do not wait for him to meet at all.

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