Some people wonder how we know their news despite their afterlife but did not know? We watch them and watch their voices ... from afar

Some people wonder how we know their news despite 

their afterlife but did not know We watch them and 

watch their voices ... from afar

Today, I will travel to the unknown world, a journey not a return after it. Today I do not know who will remember me and weep for me and who will be happy and happy for my fellow. Today the word will die and the character will die and the lines will bleed. Today the hour of mourning will begin and the mourning will start on the pen, which never failed to portray my feelings one day. Darling .. I give you farewell to the dead I leave the scene of this life .. Do not grieve heart, then back to grief place .. Death is the only truth and the only fate that is not denied rational and sure of us that he is coming one day inevitably .. Death does not scare me is my comfort after That long distance of this life after all that amount of .. Fatigue .. And misery .. Bother .. Cry .. Do not grieve .. Do not despair and do not shed your tears there at the beach and do not tell the sea news Rahli .. He is the most sad of me Most of them know me .. Do not cry .. Do not cry for me .. Only .. Give me a poetic poem and Ahdini it on the banks of the beaches Ahzani and writing on the sand of the road and admitted Once that I adore you and I love I love crazy and that I cried over much destruction and I loved you until death. Do not be sad and do not give up to the news of my life and do not make it shake those depths .. wonderful in you .. Imagine me that my life will be harsh on you .. It may astound .. It may disturb you and may terrify you .. It may hurt you and may Hazelzlk .. may blow you and may break you .. And may . Habibi .. Do not grieve .. After my departure .. Stand on my grave and followed him Al-Fatihah .. Stand there and talked to me .. Talk to me as you returned and told me to tell you how you took the world after me and how I became the world after my absence and how I became the color of days after my departure and how the hair from After me and how my whispers and my thoughts became. Do not cry .. When you remember my details and do not collapse with your tears .. When you remember that I was waiting there waiting for you .. There is no longer waiting for you eagerly waiting for you in fear and waiting for you nostalgia and waiting for you eagerly waiting for pain and waiting for you and waiting for you and waiting for you. And you are in a burning heart of your wrath, you think of that heart that burned it, waiting for you. There are no longer crying moments without you .. And there is no one to doubt the passage of time in your absence .. And there are no longer counting my confidence to meet you. Do not cry .. because the world deprived me of me has deprived me of you before. Do not cry .. You open the doors of his heart at the moment of sincerity and gave me love without hesitation and grant me unlimited security and flooded me with dreams and overwhelmed by the gift and restore my feelings and restore my dreams and redrafted my sad remnants. Habibi .. They say that the distance between birth and death .. Measured by the number of days that I loved .. Calculate my distances .. wonderful days that I lived with you .. And my father will be my last grief. Ahbibi .. Ahbibi Ktok and Drew that they kill you have killed .. Ahbibi Dhbok and did not know that your slaughter has slaughtered .. Ahbibi and Adok and did not know that they have Boadk and Adoni .. Ahbibi Qabrook but they did not bury their graves did not tell me .. No Mndayi have heard my voice did not hear me. Any one of my followers has my voice and did not save me .. Any of my fans have my voice and they have wounded me with your wound .. Any of my posts and I have shed my blood on your pages when they threw me .. I will remember you and the heart is sad and sad my eyes. The deeds of good people do not go in vain .. They reward them with immediate reward .. With a happy heart and peace of mind congratulations to those hearts. The beauty of the mind and thought .. The beauty of the heart with morality .. The beauty of the tongue with silence .. And the beauty of the face with a smile .. (Be simple be the most beautiful). I am tired of fire .. Oh Lord, I appreciate it .. And all of the faithful .. The most beautiful thing we may do is to forget our worries and smile. Ah Blach miss the memory of his sweetness in our heart .. Blach miss the memory of his sweetness in our heart. You promised me that you are in a distance from you. Days, my age in old age is gone and everyone has chosen his life .. days, my age in old age is gone, and everyone has chosen his life .. And the tears of jay was a farewell farewell to us. Tmnoni Shlona how her eyes .. God forgives Halzman Khalani live without it Madri How to stand .. Time stick or obey .. Happy her memory with me or increase her pain .. Love after my lips, but only like me laugh laugh my life and smile otherwise sadness and silence. Believe me, you are sweeter than the creation of my Lord is sure, even if they answer Zein you are ashamed to stop with you, but you Shi second thing in itself unique .. Chemistry al - Hassan Vic caused by friction between the atoms elegance and sweetness and blood vein, which proves that the best in the basis of confusion of your fission and interaction remains in the world alone. Habibi If your voice has gone by living the present with your past the echo of the anniversary and no reality distinguishes between you and me. If I grew up my wounds Flanip fractured .. I break who said he broke me .. What is the story of Zayif and not arrogance and arrogance .. I am in the pride and arrogance who overwhelmed me and time is going to come Daim and must be wiped out Ghashim lost. In my eyes I draw his pictures and the spirit of his license and the heart of his heart for security attended my life flooded my pleasure and missed my soul with him Daim Tabrih and Ghosun longing sang his career and his place in the heart of his. Do not say that you are in my absence I bought you, just as the slaves and I owned you like the owner of the necks .. I charm you with the hairs of my hair and the dose is increased if the admonition gives up and I do what I want and wrong becomes your eyes as the right. Come and see me tears I hold her Elaine Qack may you wipe the tears will be lost grief and its roots I, the owners of Madri mentioned you on the day of Jeet Ansak and mentioned that you left and said this love and grief. Give me promise that you are with me throughout the days, and I will give you the covenant that you are my life, and my self is afraid I will wear with you, I will paint dreams, If you see what happened and what you see behind the days or days hide my wounds in my conscience hidden as a prisoner waiting for the death sentence fate is not being raped by what prevents the written destruction of numbers. And I wonder if the moment passed without you .. And I wonder if the night passed without you .. And I wonder if my days passed without you Believe me .. Of your loss is still an important need. Our relationship seemed to be a lie and became a love illusion of love and each one seemed to lie to the second love relationship What hurt her with pain

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