تحير و تبقى حاير في الجزائر

Some photos taken at moment of joy ... to grieve you after .

Some photos taken at moment of joy ... to grieve you after .

Quotations of thoughts that have been said in life: The world gives way to someone who knows where is going to the world stations of tears .... The most beautiful where the meeting .... The hardest part of the separation whenever the greatness of the wife indicated that the nobility of her husband and the great creation of love breeds From nothing .. and will die in spite of all the obstacles we will meet the fake friendship like a flying bird Migrating if the weather is bad at the moment you feel you are a person in this world while there is a person in the world feel that you are the whole world .. Your brother from your sincerity, I am a guarantor of them, a brother who did not give birth to my mother. Most of the people do not realize this .. No matter how narrow the world and how small, it is a rip off light and carries the air .. The happiest people who spread happiness in the hearts of others .. And draws a smile on the Their lips come back to the spears if they gather together and if they break apart, people break the hardest to know what brings happiness .. Wealth has failed to bring it .. And poverty if I love you a million I am with them .. If I love you one is me .. And if no one loves you .. I know I died. I am jealous of my words when I give them to you .. I admire you my words and I do not like you I live what you want you are dead, and loved by you, you are different, and do what you want you are rewarded and how to spend separation without meeting but not a meeting without parting Some enter our lives and sniff them quickly and others He lived with us for a while, leaving fingerprints in our hearts. All people were not and will never be one thing

Life is like a road wrapped with all its positions and experiences, and everything you do in it of good or evil will return to you someday, I do what is beautiful, it is paid back to you, and here you in my article these words about life. Exciting words about life will find that life is still worthwhile, if you smile. Life is like a mirror, you get the best results when you smile at it. Mother Holy Candle lights the night of life with humility and interest. A miser is a person who lives all his life without having a taste of life. Pessimism is the decay of life. No life with despair, no despair with life. The pessimist sees only life from her shadow. I wonder who thinks life and freedom is something else, and does not want to be convinced that freedom is the first pillar of life and that there is no life but freedom. Freedom is life, but no freedom without virtue. In the life of a woman are three men: the father, the man whom you respect, the brother, the man you fear, and the husband, the man who loves and loves him. Life in the eyes of the little girl crying and crying and in the eyes of the girl look after the appearance of women and in the eyes of the wife and wife experience a harsh. Life is short, but calamities make it long. He lived a mighty eye. Life is a dream awakened by death. Life is tasteless with no hope. We do not bathe twice in the river. Life is a fast train that has passed through a dream, and what is ahead of it is illusion. Burke filled his life with charity because he realized that it was too short to be wasted by evil. When we do not know what life is, how can we know what death is. Life has value only if we find something to fight for. Life is a torch either to burn with its fire or extinguish it and live in darkness. Life is useless. Life has been revived, but it is free. Be from the father of the oppressor, the brave, the quarrelsome, and the crowding. Life is a beautiful novel You have to read it to the end Never stop at a sad line The end may be beautiful. And death is better for the boy than his life .. If it is not proven to command not a leader. There is no doubt that life is precious, but your life is more precious than your life. Living sleep and sleep vigilance .. And between them a good imagination. Do not ask me about the good nights. Life as a paradise has been closed .. The key to the facts and monuments of striving to reach and who is patient up .. Winla after reaching the welcome. This life is exhausted, what can .. D where only the ignorant and trembling is the world every day show us .. Again pain is a pain. If life remains a neighborhood .. For our number, we lost the brave and if it is not from death .. It is impossible to die cowardly. And people are interested in life and I do not see .. The length of life is not overflowing and if you lacked ammunition did not find the asset is the best business. They describe life as ignorant or oblivious to what has gone on and what is expected, and to those who exaggerate the facts themselves and ask them to ask the shopkeeper to be greedy. If you want to hold on to life, do not take it as a tragedy. We learned in school as young that the empty spike raises its head in the field, and that full of wheat cuts it down, so it will not be humbled unless it is big, and it will not be arrogant but despicable. We live a double life for ourselves, when we live for others, and the more we multiply our sense of others, the more we feel our lives, and in the end we multiply that same life. Despite all that life, we are required to live as it is. Why does the Sheikh cry over his youth, and the young man does not laugh at his likes? Life is not a number of years, but it is a number of feelings. Because life is not something other than a human feeling of life. It does not tempt you to elevate the plain, if the slope is bumpy. Religion is the compass that helps man maintain his proper direction in this life, and transforms him from the unimaginable on his face, which may cause him to fall into the clutches of evil. You will learn a lot of life lessons, if you notice that the firefighters are not fighting fire with fire. When we live for ourselves, life seems long and deep, starting with the beginning of humanity, and extending after our comparison to this face. Earth. Life is not something other than a sense of human life .. Inventory of any person from the sense of his life stripped of the same life in its true meaning. A nation whose people know how to die is a nation worthy of life. If death does something to stop the tide of life, but it is a small force that is overcome by the mighty forces of life, the immortal mutant. From the power of the living God, life springs forth. I want the student to show interest and desire to look for the answer. You want ready answers and life is not so. But the secret of life is to do the utmost. Life is a trust entrusted to you by the day you will not recover from you to protest because it really is not your. I love the elevator, do not use it out of laziness, but for meditation, put your finger on the button without any effort, go up or down, you may hang and you are stuck in it, that life is completely free of damage, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you. lower. In life no one comes to anything, just walks. The memory of the loss is harder than the lives of the losers. She said to herself that there are still many things in life that are beyond her grasp. Life is a poem of its fathers. Our ages and death are rhymes. My desire .. to scream as a child just came to life my need .. to travel and dumped another face of the universe. A step or two steps .. I do not remember .. But I hit life and found me since we met. No victims in life .. No victims .. All of us the product of what we chose and what we did not choose .. But denial. Insurgents were undoubtedly too trusting in life, thinking they were waiting for them somewhere else. There is no sadness that lasts forever on sadness to stop in order to pass through the wheel of life the rest of the roads. It is said that there is no life for man without hope, but man does not live

death. It is important to make a dream of life, and to make a reality of the dream. I think that if I stop, life will be meaningless. Life goes very fast: we move from paradise to hell, within seconds. Only two things can reveal the secrets of great life: suffering and love. To live means to experience things, not to fail and think about the meaning of life. No life is complete without a mad touch. It does not mean finding something important in life, giving up all other important things, and not denying it. The tragedy of a life similar to its days, and repeated things. We refuse to view life as a great and limitless adventure. We should take risks. We do not really realize the miracle of life unless we let the unexpected happen. Life is dry in my veins and my head is crushed. Vigilance punishment in a sad world .. Sleepiness is a trick to deal with this life .. Less conscious, less sad. Those who do not have the will to die do not have the will of life. When the boundaries between life and writing begin and when it ends. Life is too short to put into practice. The tremendous growth in technological capacity has made life a much more complex process than we have seen before. We are no longer satisfied that a minority should enjoy all the goodness of what lives so many lives of misery and misery. You can not show one event in someone's life and claim you said everything about it. The sun can not see it except when you spread it to its place in the sea or behind the highlands as well as the life. The truth is that this life is a trap ... a trap we have been in since we were born and the fear that we are trying to get out of this trap. Whoever does not fear for his life does not care about the life of others. Nothing is absurd and illogical in this life, more than life itself. The pain that these conflicts bring us is of our own making, not of the making of life. Every hole can be defined by every sorrow that knows in some way an end in life and no time to devote long sorrows. Without friends or social life as you learn diligently against their will. The natural life today is a great thing. No life for a nation except by its sense and awareness of what is happening to it. You can ask a cell about its interest in life .. The desire for life is attached to our very existence. Politics and religion are a source of strength. Their abuse is a danger to mental life. Life like cattle and cattle is better than nothing. The owner of happy life does not write .. but live. The value of books is sometimes not in its artistic perfection, but in the ability to live in the lives of a group of people. There is no life in Egypt for those who live for thought. There is no value to our lives if we lose hope for a better life. The problem of humanity, but the whole problem of life is the presence of two sects: a sect that manufactures, and a community exploited. The longest journey in life that leads us into the self is accompanied by safety. But he was calm because he felt cold and so he felt life wall. Take away from the heart of man the love of beauty that deprives life of its splendor and attractiveness. In the life of every human being he does not talk about it, but it affects the way he lives in his positions in his opinions. If two women speak, they say nothing. If one woman speaks, she proclaims all life. Life does not go back to the decadent nor does it slow down yesterday. Desire Half-Life, and the indifference Half death

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