Someday I will disappear .. and my character remain

Someday I will disappear ..

 and my character remain

Happiness and hope are intertwined words, hope gives us a sense of happiness and always motivates us to be optimistic and to give and that there is plenty of time to do something or to achieve a dream and hope remains to forget the pain. Talk about happiness and hope Happiness does not inhabit the faces painted on the fate of the paintings of the great sorrows. In love and happiness no middle areas either stay or withdraw. We no longer ask for bread, no roof, no cover, and we will be satisfied with a little air, Excellency. Happiness is to perform your duty, and the harder the duty, the greater the happiness. Happiness has one form, and unhappiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Sacrifice is the gem of virility that creates happiness among humans. Do not look for the love of warriors by your unity, but about love for itself, it is like happiness intended for itself. Happiness is not waiting, it is clinging to gums and has a taste (effort and perseverance). Happiness sometimes, and perhaps always, does not require much, only some love, generosity, and a little freedom. The difference in happiness that is given to humans in nature is not in quantity. How man wants a lasting happiness and his own life will not last. Happiness is the strange feeling that comes to us when life's circumstances make us sad. Do not be afraid of your worries and concerns, the subject of talk ... because you create a barrier between you and happiness. Only your parents who help you with their thinking and their words bring happiness. We are happy when we do a great job and our hearts are full of satisfaction with what we have achieved. I should not trust in your heart, happiness and sorrow, and everything comes with joyful joy. Happiness does not import .. but from within us breed. Happiness lies in not recognizing the gravity of what we are. The history of cities, like the lives of human beings, alternates with non-stop moments of happiness and pain. The comfort that brings happiness is the comfort of the heart and soul .. The rest of the body only lead to death. The whole world is a false dream: love, money, health, happiness and glory. Happiness does not bring money. Suddenly ... the universe remains a question without a response sheet, trying to cheat from those who preceded you .. lost happiness. Pain does not deprive us of happiness, but it only shows us its value. Look for happiness every moment, if you do not find it outside you make it inside you, and look for science and not the truth. I love you, O happiness, Distorting your joys, Blessed in my heart, Who is ignorant of the coyness of jealousy alone, Death makes my jealousy alone. Few are those who can give happiness to others. Less are those who spread it to the masses. Happiness is not limited to material well-being. Happiness is above all sharing: sharing delights and bitterness. Happiness is freedom. It is greater than being associated with a restriction. It is known that the things that give us the greatest amount of happiness are the same that drives us to die. A person can fake the face of happiness but he can never fake the moments of sadness. It does not matter if you do not have any remaining happiness to give it to me, you still have your regret. We have inventively invented happiness. Happiness is a ball that we kick with our feet when we approach it and follow it when it moves away from us. Believe me: The pleasure of error in your free choice, outweighs the rightness of what was chosen for you. A great leader who saved his country is just as happy as a girl dancing her first dance. What is happiness ... are short moments where the boredom stops temporarily and the vacuum is relatively closed. Happiness moves towards you as soon as you start pumping happiness towards others. A moment of intense or fragile happiness can only be achieved through the details we find in our midst. Your life is made up of your thoughts. The happiness, the hatred, the worry, or the sincerity of a person stems from himself alone. The Quran taught us that looking forward to grace and happiness in both lives is one of the greatest male of God. The happiness is to drink a cup of tea .. with a friend .. in a moment of satisfaction. I hate to promote the happiness of the Achilles while people live their poverty bitterly. Sadness is a necessary element to be human, but happiness is an exceptional thing, its presence or lack does not affect our humanity. Worship is voluntary obedience, blended with a heartfelt love, based on a certainty knowledge, conducive to eternal happiness. Happiness crown on the heads of singles can only see married. What happiest one is when no one is deposed, and no one is waiting. The honorable man lives from his honor and virtue in happiness, as in kings in their palaces. I do not see the thrill of living except next to it, and I see the light of happiness only at the dawn of her smile. The most serious thing, my friend is simplifying matters and summarizing life in the point and happiness in Matlab. Happiness stems from within the human and not from outside .... Not the difference of our souls is the difference of happiness and misery, but different positions. What a person learns in ten days of pain is more than what he learns in ten years of happiness. Zug days of false happiness April lame begins with separation and ends with separation. We walked away as if parting pulled the rug of happiness from under our feet. I saw how a man dreams of happiness as misery awaits his vigilance, mocking his own fate with his cruel hands. Everyone is happy, but like the moon behind the winter clouds. Happiness does not come without cost, and without a heavy price as well. Despite the misery of our neighborhood, it is not free of things you can if you wish to bring happiness in the hearts tired. Who can prove that happiness was a reality, not a dream or a illusion? The nobility to live as we should without hope. We see the light of our candles, and it is .. its water .. burning, I am afraid of the little hope that .. die .. and suffocate. Hope is the revolution, the twitter of the free bird. Patience remains our medicine all .. And will remain love and hope our crutch. Only hope torments her .. Only hope that if she died, her other senses. The truth is hopeless, the truth is despair, like the dazzling light that blindens the light and illuminates the way. It is impossible to protect your children from the frustration or disappointment that they will encounter in their lives. Those who lost hope died twice. Whoever is gripping the pain of his life loses the hope of losing hope Matt Matters. H

The extent of God on our illusions .. It does not deprive us the rest of hope, and the rest of the consolation .. But the mirage .. The best of the mirage is not that it tells us hope .. In the space of hope and space for life. The unhappiness that opens your eyes in the morning, you wake up from your sleep and there is no hope associated with the birth of the new day. Your products should not be offered to remain in the hope that customers will see them accidentally. No ... hope ... no way ... and stick to it. Life is the moment of joy, joy, hope and laughter, and inventory of sadness is nothing worth. If you were a frustrated pessimist, you would not sell others hope. Pink dreams would soon wither if they did not see hope in reality. Do not close your eyes so as not to lose hope and kill the butterflies. Hope and ideological will are not enough to make history. I was hoping .. I was dreaming .. But hope was not achieved and remained in mind just a dream of dreams. I have the hope that we are fighting to create a new order, not to maintain a system that we all know has collapsed and collapsed. Hope in my inner life is still alive. Death itself stands helpless in the hope of meeting. If our strength does not falter ... If that hope we live by is not impossible reality. The disappointments are more than the pain between us and between us is indelible and not restored. If man can not feel hope and be free of lust to become a generous king. I fear that the brother of your absence, so I lost my only part of hope, or my share of a little grace. The winds of despair have an untenable force, and the mountains of hope have unmatched strength. There is no difference between pain and hope except that the non-advanced in the first and delayed in the second. Let us take the impossible out of our dictionary and strengthen hope in our hearts to replace the pain that is being lost. Dream of sleep .. the memory of an event did not happen a dream of vigilance .. Hope an event may not happen. If I did not rise, if I did not rise up, if he did not rise, he would lift up the torch of hope in these darkness. Whoever said that despair and hope are against. We must always lower our expectations so as not to disappoint ... Catherine. How disappointing, it is by the same hope that great hope generates great disappointment. The fate of Jerusalem gives Muslims greater confidence and hope that the right will prevail over falsehood and tyranny. For the pain that does not die and the hope that is born from the womb of pain I live in pain with hope. The more painful the pain, the less hope I hope to know the answer .. See the pain of the dead death as it hurts us. No matter how long the dream is in my eyes and my long-term, I still hinted at the old ashes of hope. In the hustle of ugliness we may forget the beautiful things and in the whirlpools of frustration we may abandon hope. My right to exercise despair is at least your right to make hope, all his bliss, and I have found in my despair my happiness. We never live .... we are always hoping to live Voltaire. Hope sleeps like a bear between our ribs waiting for the spring to rise. Living with tragedy means that it is the only way to live life, without hope. How long will that lover be suspended between hope and hope. The people do not meet in a hall of halls, hope is in the street. In the dark of the race I was loved and the others thought of my cry for victory and they lost hope in first place. Lying kills everything and patience, hope and even joy. Great hope always comes true; when principals cling to the truth, patience and struggle. Is it a last-ditch attempt to make hope, even if it seems naïve? Forgetting to train imagination to respect reality by transcendence and to keep self-hope incomplete from tomorrow. My hope comes and goes .. but I will not deposit it. Do what the prisoners do What the unemployed do: We raise hope. Hope is the height of despair ... my friend is a bit surprised ... he is very upset ... the hope itself is painful when no one else remains. Work and hope are two ride departed to God. I stood on the corner of sadness waiting for hope, and looked from afar, but hope comes with patience and good faith in God. Recognizing the truth is the hope of reforming the course. The people of hope are not satisfied with disappointment. Hope in my life like energy is inexhaustible and not created but turns from one form to another; because trust in God does not stop. I can not swallow the longing, the nostalgia and the words, and I will scatter them here in the hope that you will receive you one day. Poor with the laughter of the cuddly duck and the sweet spirit of her knife from the knife and the warmth of his heart and hope. Read more on the theme of the web:

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