Spaces .. Every day I ordered them .. I inspected them after the owners left ..

Spaces ..

Every day I ordered them .. I inspected them after the owners left ..

 Spaces was one day overflowing .. Life ..

Laughter .. letters .. words ..

Spaces can not fill them.

Blanks of disappointments ..

Do not care about what is said about you, you know who you are .. Do not underestimate your value, the secret of failure is to try to please everyone to be confident of yourself .. Does not mean .. You are arrogant .. (to cry) Does not mean .. You are weak heart .. (to smile always) does not mean .. you do not carry concerns and grief .. (to make mistakes once) does not mean .. you are a bad person. It is not the great who sees great people, but the great filled the hearts of his loved ones (literature and creation). We cry to forget .. And forget to live .. And live to love .. And we love to cry .. This is life .. So for both tortured and Khan .. And underestimating the feelings of a human being stupid to cry on a person .. I choose to live without you. There is always a little truth behind the word .. (I was a buzzer) and a few feelings behind the word .. (not normal) .. and a little pain behind the word .. (no problem) and a little need behind the word .. ) And a little forced behind the word .. (Your convenience) and a lot of words behind .. (Silence) It is very painful to wait for a dear talk to your heart with you, and everyone will meet and forget you. It's okay if I lose a lot, if I win myself. When you cry, you do not need someone to help you stop crying, but all you need, someone burying your head in his arms to cry like children, someone who does not have a voice amidst bouts of crying, only has warm and tender. To be so busy that your day passes without your mind finding room to think about something that is the height of comfort and happiness. Sincerity is not only the pillar of love but the pillar of everything .. I do not imagine love without sincerity. To miss memories is harder than to miss people. Be sure .. Life with God is the most beautiful life .. And it was far in the misery of "I am saying my memory is a living hardship." At night, our breasts are suffocated, our features are similar, we cry a lot and we hide our tears for fear that someone will see them. Each of us holds in his heart what is sad and perhaps even a wound .. But despite this concern or sadness or wound there is still room to embrace the concerns and grief and wounds of others, and hugging their hearts. I can summarize all that you have learned about life in two words: it lasts. Not the difference of our souls is the difference of happiness and misery, but the difference of positions, there is the same above the depths and beyond and see the wisdom and the lesson, and those enlightened souls see justice and beauty in all things and love the Creator in all his actions .. And there are souls chew their misery and taunts and turn into black hatred and envy Akal, These are the dark souls who deny their rebellious creator for his actions. Do not complain a lot of concern, but more than thank God brings you happiness. Life is a painting .. Colors of your words .. Forms of your work .. And the painter is you .. Vdda in the drawing of your plate .. Still brush in your hand. It is very painful when they draw you in their imagination wrongly. They do not know what you are. The thing that neither I nor you nor all humanity can comprehend is "immortality," whether in paradise or fire. That is how we are accustomed in this world to everything end! Grief has an end, happiness has an end, the road has an end, life itself has an end .. but in the Hereafter: forever .. forever. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by sorrow until we get used to it .. and forget that in life many things can make us happy. We realize that the lessons of life are different from the lessons that we are used to in schools and universities. In life, we experience first, whether it is sad or painful, we live and are affected by it, and then we learn and often change, so do not grieve whatever happened to you and you smile. Your demeanor is already making you stronger and better. Some facts must be remembered from time to time ... so that our hearts will not drag us into the illusion again. Live your life with confidence, God knows what you have not learned, and plans you the best picture he sees you! The worst of the messages are: that I spent a lot of time writing and then retreated from sending them. Simple people have very rare lives .. You find them modest appearance, but with the content of high and refined, enjoy the calm self, because they possess the treasure of conviction. Every human being has his secret sorrows, which most people do not know, and most of the time, we call him a cold man, while he is boiling with pain! Crushed to both tortured and betrayed and betrayed the feelings of a human .. As if he does not know that this universe condemns condemned as well. Sometimes you find yourself standing at a publication that expresses feelings inside you, making you read it more than once, despite the intense sadness it causes you. Good companionship: They are the ones that make you live two lives, one here and the other in paradise. When we declare withdrawal, it does not mean that we can not stand up, but withdrawal sometimes means that no one deserves to continue for it. Of human disasters that they may erase all your beautiful history in exchange for the last position they did not like.

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