Special advice for the Facebook world

Special advice for the Facebook world

Tip .. Especially Facebook world ..
Do not build a realistic picture of someone you deal with in a fictional world - not a physical -
Only after you deal with it actually and rest assured! And know his personality right to know ..
Some of what we write is just a word that is heard on Alastenta and passed on our minds,
It may be experience or experience gained, perhaps reflect me or others ..
Nature of the personality show via Facebook! But every nature has a hidden face
Some of our conversation with the higher voice we are really nervous and we are not dreamers all the time!
Some of our dialogues have words! We are not perfect or proud, or angels.
Here we use metaphorical images! And metaphorical words!
And quotations and some words of revenge, which differ from our daily lives - different degrees and varied - full of interaction with people either keep you quiet or raise your nerves !!
We are here to dream about it, and we write intensively, and express boldly - polite - and write about things that we may not actually speak !!
And here we do not write about things we have actually done and we signed it !!
Here we care and care about us, and in fact we are extremely deficient,
We are here! In the original advice I need advice! And first applied,
Because of Facebook we have isolated ourselves from our social reality - and we have only had to talk about dreams! And narrated it is in fact not concrete!
Because of Facebook and its people, "many purity, the owners of one face" we linked them, and loved them and their friends!
Then suddenly we were shocked because there is not one face! We have forgotten that every human has natures! And not one nature ..
(In every person Taraf, another person does not Taraf!
We know very well that the easiest thing in life is to talk sweet or bitter!
And the speech is not equal with the dream and dreams come not to speak but to implement!
And the exhaustion can not be achieved by settling and following passion, but with determination, patience and perseverance.
Here you meet people with pseudonyms and they have personalities far from what they called themselves!
This is some of what I have said to myself repeatedly and I have convinced him .. Publicly I do, publicly I do ..
We converge in spirits, tendencies, and similarities in the things we love!
But we are not familiar with all our aspects!
As well as not familiar with the other aspects of the whole,
Here is a thumbnail, not clear sides, taken from afar! Its features are not prominent .. similar to us; but express some of 

us .. not a picture of us!

Special advice for the Facebook world
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