There are spaces left by the departed .. Spaces You can not fill it with someone else.

There are spaces left by the departed ..


You can not fill it with someone else

The vacuum left by the father's departure is not filled by 

a lover
  And the vacuum left by the beloved does not fill a friend

And the vacuum left by a friend not filled by another 


When I bow to your hands, I shed my weak tears above your chest, and beg your satisfaction from your eyes, I only feel the fullness of my manhood. The tears are the fires of great grief. Often tears come from the eye instead of the heart. Often the facts of life are a mixture of tears and smiles. Anger, tears and sorrow are surrendering weapons. If you have tears, you are ready to shed them. Guide tears loving but not treatment. Too many tears do not meet a little debt. The eye that does not cry does not actually see anything. Do not take a friendly towel and tears flow from it. The most powerful water power in the world are the tears of women. In the tears of women, the wise man sees only water. Al-Arif comes out of the world and does not spend his time on two things: weeping for himself, and praising his Lord. If the heart is hardened, the eye is blinded. The love that the eyes wash with their tears remains pure, beautiful and immortal. The smiles are digging the channels of future tears. The homeland died of tears and salutes the blood. No one deserves your tears, and if someone deserves it, he will not let you shed it. Tears grow more frequent whenever fools ask about them. That is, a man dies, to end up in the sight of those who love him, unless they wash him with tears. The tears are the last dust of the earth, which embodies the dead and says that it is finished. The old man said: Do not look at what is painted on faces and do not listen to what the tongues say and do not pay attention to tears, all this is the skin of man and man changes his skin every day but I look for what is under the skin. The tears, then, are their role to commemorate and not to deal with situations. Whoever said that the eye produces tears, the real tears are the steam of the soul. Do the tears produce weeping, or are the weeping living creatures floating above the river of tears? Do not cry when the sun is gone, because tears will prevent you from seeing the stars. Tears are not sadness, grief is that you can prevent yourself from crying in front of someone for this Sunday. The tears were full of tears, perhaps because the tears were becoming ashamed of themselves, no room. The tears of the child are more painful than the tears of men. It is haraam for us to live in a town where there is a free and decent land. We will leave it and tears will come to them, and in the air and mountains, we will follow Laila. As if those tears dew drip from Nargis to Ward. As if the day after the day to bear with the Samrat neighborhood Nnqal Hnal and my recovery is an example of her foot and at the drawing of a student of a pickpocket, tears of the eye passed me a syringe on the slaughter even the tears of my husband. Do not provoke tears by remembering. What dried tears except for the cruelty of hearts, and what is measured hearts but for the multitude of sins. It is the water of tears that extinguishes fire from the air of love or withers. If you suspect tears in the cheeks of the crying of those who cry. Sadness worries and the recoiling of the tears and tears between the two sticks can be divided tears tears of the eye of this is coming and this is due. And my eyelids do not drop as if I have no eyelids and my consciousness does not stop my eyes hysterical tears as if boiling inside me. Security nobility to document the tears of others in a song we give up on them We own our tears, not the tears of those who love us. We own our tears not the tears of those who love us. That face without tears was the whole war and all the pain. My love for science takes me out of the valley of tears to the horizons of the individual, and there is no place for blame and complaining. Music farewell system, suggest physics is not the starting point of the atoms, but tears. The tears are not compensated with salt water. I can stop talking in my throat, but tears can not. Someone once said that the tears blood of the soul. Tears are an innate defensive mechanism invested by the human heart to bring recovery. Tears now only come down from the addiction to watching television, including your tears you hypocrites. People now have the most sensible emotions now the quietest tears now do not come down except from the addiction to watching TV. The tears do not protect anyone. Your love begins with glamor in the looks and ends with tears. In the past, I ended the amount of tears for my life from where the tears come from. Perhaps the weeping was trite, perhaps because the tears were becoming ashamed of themselves. The tears were full of tears, perhaps because the tears were becoming self-evident. I was very sorry and shed tears because the world is changing and the heart remains the same. To see sadness, tears and wailing in the faces of whom you see only smiling smiling, this in itself painful. The country of tears (which we can not infer from the place of children's maps). She will cry until tears turn into a cloud. Tears of worries were shared. The tears of the soul pureest and lighter than the tears of the soul. I do not get rid of the tears of someone who wished something hard and left him to seek God's pleasure. Through laughter and tears, we destroy the world to build it again.

The worries of the hair are that her tears are an art that runs from the tears of Madame. Words tears of language and poetry crying loud. The dry pain is more severe than the pain soaked in tears, so make your pain softer. My bag was still lying in the reception and the opening of my room in my hand and tears in my heart. Even the tears were petrified between the dead, the sorrows became the bread of the wise. Every year you are in my heart a noisy nostalgia and the tears of the heart melted with longing and broken. Fields that are not told with tears never bear fruit. The water of the Great Grace is an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom and the water is the tears. I had tears to wash myself deep. Where did we forget the life? The butterfly asked, hovering in the light, and it burned with tears. Tears blood of the soul. And all the tears of people do not drown. The hardest tears are the ones we flatter when we lie and say we're fine. Something drives me to cry, but I pity the pillow no longer bear tears. WL Our happiness with our loved ones today is dependent on the tears we pour on their parting tomorrow. Tears were shed on blood that had taken place and tears had been shed on those tears. The best tears in the eyes of the tears of his expedition Vtahlh. All the tears of the earth can not afford a small boat that can accommodate parents looking for their missing child. People who have no tears for their souls despise either tyrants or hypocrites and in both cases they do not deserve respect. Tears of the oppressed are in their eyes tears, but in the hands of God lightning strikes by the oppressor. I do not need ink to write history but to tears. I do not tolerate female tears. It is abundant and this is claimed to be cheap if gold becomes available as iron for nothing. But female tears are the only thing in the world that is becoming more valuable as it cripples the men and disturbs us. There are seasons of weeping that has no tears. There are seasons of speech that have no voice. There are seasons of sorrow that are not justified. The woman's tears are worth a lot and cost a little. The man only cries once, but his tears are then of blood. Who wants to laugh, let him come, I am hiding a joke, who wants to cry, let him come, I have a lot of tears. The closer the slave is from his Lord, the more he prostrates and recites from the du'aa 'in it, as if the light is pure, and the heart is closer to his love and sight, so that your memory is revealed to you, exposed to your papers, your sins and sins are black jokes, and the times of your ransom are shaken. Crying on them an impact even melt one by one in the river tears flowing to you the burden of the pardon of God and then calls and calls until the dedication of the soul and your call Vajsrh Ali Abdul - Sjad God, what called a miracle how to return without a large returned from where he returned to the wonders of knocking door Karim does not ask. O poor heart, I have smitten you with the lusts of lust, and I have made you oppressed by the chains of evil, and you have not forgiven your mullahs in your retreats. Whenever you have a glimmer of light of repentance, I have come back to darkness. When you grow stronger to break the restrictions and win I am to slow down the days when I come to the beautiful news I am impatient waiting. He cried all his senses and his eyes except his eyes. In the tears of the woman, Hakim sees only water. Play kitten, rat tears. No argument about the master's anger or the tears of a child. Give me a friend tears and I can find a companion wine. The homeland has died of tears, and the blood is alive. Tears do not recover lost or lost And miracles do not try All the tears of the earth can not afford a boat is small enough for parents looking for their missing child. He will lose the tears to the wise judge. Crocodile tears do not make you cry. The crocodile sheds tears after devouring its prey.

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