تحير و تبقى حاير في الجزائر

they said that the rope of lies is short and I say the rope of love is shorter

they said that the rope of lies is short and I say the rope of love is shorter

Be proud of your thinking of your writings with your actions and your morals will attract the hearts of people, even if they know nothing about you. There are people who talk to you at leisure, and people who devote themselves to your conversation. His wonderful style and beautiful word are all acceptable to him even reproach. We do not have to force people to love us. . A little morality represents a lot of love. If we come to the truth, you hurt me more than anyone did. Do not allow anyone to take priority in your life ... when it is a secondary option in his life. Despite the harsh reality. . There is always a smile of hope. Do not cry for anything to do with life ... because crying for it does not deserve your tears. . The person who deserves your tears will never let you cry. I will watch you from afar like a poor child watching the candy seller without buying. Treat everyone gently and even fine people with you, not because they are not nice but because you are nice and your heart is clean. The heart that forgives so much, hard to be hardened! Do not look for happiness in others, otherwise you will find yourself lonely and sad ... but look inside yourself and you will feel happy even if you remain alone. Smile, every sorrow sees you optimistic, cheating and going. You have to be like a turtle in the right way to be a deer in the wrong way. Everything is frozen in the winter .. Only fragrance and nostalgia and memories and some wishes. Know that the key to failure is to try to please every person you know. Sadness weakens the heart and harms the will and nothing I love to the devil from the grief of the believer so rejoice and seek happiness and optimism and better believe in God. You have to know that those around you influence you so try to be on the side of those who influence you positively and not negatively. A man is more knowledgeable in his learning, a pathner in what he does not know is that the more freedom he gets the more he learns. Know that no ambitions are achieved without fatigue and suffering. The pain is deaf, the nostalgia is mute, the longing is not seen, and the truth is what we feel is difficult to tell. Know that there are two ways to have the highest building ... either to destroy all the buildings around you ... or to build higher than others ... Always choose to build higher than others. Learn the culture of apology .. And do not consider it insulting to the pride .. Apology strength of personality and balance of thinking and ability to face in life. Smile and optimism always smile does not cost anything but it means a lot. Your charity and your actions do not forget, do not regret the moments I was pleased by anyone even if not worth. No matter in the game won or lost or tied ... In the game is important here that you have had fun. Be a beautiful thing in the lives of those who know you, and it is enough that we have a Lord who reward us with kindness and charity. You will not be able to learn anything unless you make a mistake. There is no flaw in this, but try to learn from your mistakes and be an example to others. It is not the strong who always win the war, but the weak who always lose peace. Do not look at the qualities of others and watch them who watched people died, but look at your flaws at the beginning. Know that yesterday is a check withdrawn and tomorrow is a deferred check ... The present is the only liquidity available so I spend it wisely. Whatever happens, thank God for everything. No matter how pure your intention is, you will never escape their bad thoughts. Sometimes we tell what others have done to us and do not care about what we have done to others. It is normal to see the ship in the water ... but it is dangerous to see the water in the ship ... so you are in the heart of the world and do not make the world in your heart. Do not aspire to be better than others ... I hope to be better than yourself before ... Minds get smaller when you get busy with others and grow up when you are self-absorbed. To give pleasure ... but do not wait after it Thank you or even refund it for free. Everyone will take his share of this world: happiness or sorrow ... You will not miss something that God wrote to you or you ... He is pleased with the extent of praise and praise. As long as the next in the absence of God beautiful image ... Lord to you all the ways and you all solutions and you all praise for what was and will be. We live in a strange society ... They care about people's words and do not care about people's feelings. If you see how happy I am with you, you have not made me wait. Always pay attention to yourself ... there is a heart you have a spirit and a pulse. This is how life is ... very painful ... If the sun is gone, the moon takes its place ... but if my beloved is absent, he will not take his place. You are not me ... but I love you and I still love you ... and my nostalgia kills you and my dignity prevents me ... and everything is between me and you. When will I sleep calmly ... without mental gossip and my pulse? There are pure souls who came to the world ... to guide our purity life ... and then to leave. I will let the world do what I want ... It will not dare to do more than God wrote to me. He asks me about the case, and he knows what is the case ... as if to say: Increase your concern, otherwise I will increase it. I hate understanding, with someone who sees everything he does right. Of the wonders of human beings ... that once they hate you you will erase all your beautiful history. Some loved ones do not know that we rejoice with a question! And we become ill with forgetfulness. Nothing is more painful than we are under one sky and we do not meet. Friends have a story that is not lost in time, and is not erased by repetition. Do not look for chagrin ... rest assured he knows your address. Feelings ... You do not need a philosopher ... you only need to be honest. If I do not call you and get angry at you, I know that you are nothing to me. No matter how you walk straight ... you will find someone who criticizes your shadow. You do not have to have many friends to have a known personality ... the lion walks alone ... and the lamb walks with everyone. Pinky ... Finger ... Central ... The index finger ... Next to each other ... Only the thumb is far away from her ... I was amazed when I knew that the fingers could not do anything without her distant thumb ... Try to write or to Close the buttons of your clothes !! Make sure that the lesson is not a lot of friends around you ... but the lesson most loved and benefit you even if it is away from you. Getting absorbed in

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