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Think of others smile and be beautiful

Think of others smile and be beautiful

Do not grieve for something that is over, but smile because it has happened. Dr. Swiss. Peace begins with a smile. "Mother Teresa". I smiled yesterday, I smiled today, I will smile tomorrow. Because life is simply too short to cry for anything. "Santos Kalwar". When a new day begins, he smiles gratefully. When there is darkness, be the first to highlight. When there is injustice, be the first to denounce it. When something seems difficult to deal with, do it anyway. When life seems to send you down, resist to come back again. When there is no hope for something, be careful to find some. When you feel tired, continue to progress. When the days are tough, be tougher. When someone hurts you, try to love again. When someone is injured, try to treat him. When someone loses their way, help them find the right way. When friends fail, be the first to help. Try to do as much as possible and draw a smile on their faces and prove yourself. "Steve Maraboli" gives me a smile, it looks so beautiful with a small touch of shyness that generates a feeling of warmth rushing through me. "Suzanne Collins" Laugh, although you feel pain and fatigue, and smiled despite the attempt to not cry and the emergence of tears on your face, and sang despite the fact that people look and laugh at your voice. "Alisha Spir" Happiness is sometimes a source of a smile, but sometimes a smile is a source of happiness. Tish Nat does not smile, you kill me. I stop breathing when I see your smile. "Tisa Dar" you can smile for a long time, then it will be just teeth. "Chuck Blahniuk" It is strange to find someone who can hold tears, smile and behave well with difficult times, or someone suddenly notices that yesterday's flower has bloomed and grown, or that an email has slipped out of the stairs and then everything has collapsed. Collette If you have only one smile, give it to the people you love, and do not be fussy all the time. I went out to the street and started to greet the strangers. "Maya Angelo" There is a wicked smile on the face of some. James Patterson If you can see the pain in your eyes, let me share your tears. If you can see the joy and joy in your eyes, let me share the smile. "Santosh Kalwar" will find that life is still worthwhile, if it shows your smile. "Charles Chaplin" It's a new thought, I'm not quite sure what it means, but it suggests I'm fighting. It does not seem like I'm not friendly, I probably do not like everyone I meet, and it's also possible that my smile is hard to show, but I care about some people. "Susan Collins" meet each other with a smile, when it is hard to smile. Our smile with each other makes the time we spend together as wonderful as if we spend in the family. "Mother Teresa" Let's always meet each other with a smile, the smile is the beginning of love. "Mother Teresa" Anyone who has a permanent smile on his face hides within him a hardness that is sometimes frightening. Grita Garbo is often underestimated by the power of touch, smile, pleasant words, ear, good courtesy, all these things can transform life. "Leo Beschaglia" I am impressed by the smile on your face, the sadness in your eyes. "Jeremy Aldana" The smile is the best way to get away from trouble even if the troubles are not real. Masashi Kishimoto knew a new girl and told him that she was like Marilyn Monroe. He smiled because he thought I meant she was beautiful, and I smiled too because I meant her as a dead corpse. "Jared Kintz" It takes a fraction of a second to show the smile, there are people who need that smile, happiness can last a lifetime. "Steve Maraboli" If you smile when you are alone, then you mean that smile really. "Andy Rooney" is very nice to see the child's smile, it is an innocent smile emanating from the heart. "Anna Nalik" What does the sun mean for flowers, and what does it mean to smile to humanity. It is the foundation of life Joseph Edison We will not change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free. When we smile at others, they will smile back and it will not take anything. You have to bring a smile to everyone's heart. If death will come within a minute, why not grow and we are happy smiling? "Most people enjoy every minute of the trip, and we enjoy the place we are and in these beautiful moments rather than the constant focus on how far we can go," said Swami Sachedananda, an Indian teacher. "Mandy Haley" You are too busy changing the world, one smile that can change the world. "Jack Johnson" The husband always smiles with pride to believe that he has accomplished something very beautiful. The bride smiles because she was able to convince him. "Judith McNaugh" Many thought that smiling was confusing. That's why he was not so much smiling. Rainbow Ruel smiled at people you did not know and could change life. "Steve Maraboli" I like my mother's smile, which I like most when I am the reason I smile. Adriana Trigiani If you find nothing to dance for, find a reason to sing. "Melody Carstairs" My mother smiled at me, and her smile was something to hug me. You make me smile like the sun, like falling from the bed, making me sing like a bird, just thinking you're going to take me to another world. you make me smile. Matthew Schwer "Why should we be alone and can be together, you can make my life worthwhile and I can draw a smile on your face. "Mr. Beige, musical group" The smile does not mean he was happy, but said he was stronger than many people, so he intended to take advantage of it. "Michael Kadenom" You can go away accompanied by a smile, and you can go further with your smile and sala

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