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Truth in our time ..

Truth in our time ..

We do not listen to the advice, but we do not take it. The question here is why? It will be the answer of everyone .. Maybe what happened with others will not be repeated with us .. So we must try their pains and experience to be aware of that advice well .. But there is the most dangerous and the greatest .. The results will be different .. Perhaps that will be forgotten and follow but there Who forgets and remembers what happened with him again and over the days ..

For a life like a mirror, you get the best results when you smile at it. Life taught me that whoever puts himself in the position of suspicion is not to blame for his misdeeds. If you keep them, you do not care about what you lost afterwards, your salary for your pension, and your religion for your reward. Life taught me that one is hardened by time. . Only then does he know what mercy is. The owners of grief and sadness in the world Three: Loving the difference beloved. . And the father of his son astray. . It goes missing his money. She taught me life is not love to be near you love but to love to trust that you are in the heart of the one you love. If you have trouble in the world do not remember it to your friends and harass them. . But tell them to your enemies who will be happy to listen to them. The future: a ghost that disturbs every eye if it sleeps. Life is not fair, so get yourself back on it. It is unfortunate that we seek fulfillment in the age of infidelity and seek love in the hearts of his cowardice. In school they teach you the lesson and then they test you, but life tests you and then teaches you the lesson. Life taught me: to make my heart city love its houses and its ways of tolerance. . The most beautiful geometry in life is building a bridge of hope over a sea of ​​despair. Life may shorten and may last, everything depends on the way we live in it. Life taught us: to say to ourselves before we sleep: We are not the only ones in this world and not all people are as happy as we think. I scream to learn that you are still alive and alive and that life on this earth is possible. The reality of the days: Bismah must appear and the long time of the surgeon and no matter how long the grief in our depths must be a moment of joy forget the sad days. Life seems to me shorter than to spend in developing hatred and recording mistakes. It is very difficult to love the person silently and silently and silently and silently longing and painlessly silent without screaming and weeping tears and tortured without a sense and live without hope. But the secret of life is to do the utmost.

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