We forced to live in a situation that doesn't suit our feelings

We forced to live in a situation

 that doesn't suit our feelings

There are two kinds of people in this world, people who prefer grief with others, and there are those who prefer to remain sad alone. (Nicole Cruz) Tears are words that need to be written. (Paolo Coelho) She was good at feeling sad, drowning herself in that feeling, learning the art of separating things, appreciating nuances, and sharing her feelings by dividing grief by a certain system. (Jonathan Fuer) There is no point in treating a person who is feeling depressed as soon as he feels sad. Currently: clinging to and getting more, grief increases or decreases like headaches, and depression is like cancer. (Barbara King Solver) that I am lonely, that I am terribly lonely and incredible, I can only see how lonely I am, how difficult those feelings, I lonely in a disastrous way. (Augustine Boroughs) I can not eat and went from sleep, I do not do my job properly as a person with duties, you know ?. (Ned Vizini) Do not be shy to cry, tears are nothing but water poured, and flowers, trees and fruit can not grow without water, but there is also the presence of sunlight, and the heart can be cured at a specific time, when that happens, memories and love person What we have lost is for a specific time to feel comfortable afterwards. (Brian Jacobs) Any fool can be happy, people with pure white hearts make sad things beautiful things make us realize the true meaning of life. (Cliff Parker) No one can feel the pain caused by crying, tears on the roadside, torn clothes, these things do not cause grief. The worst kind of grief occurs when your soul cries no matter what you do, and there is no way to comfort it. This incident has left the effects of grief on you. Our lives bear more hardships than life. (Katie Garry) Why do people feel sad? It is simple, a senior man said: People are prisoners of their history. Everyone believes that the main purpose of life is to follow a certain plan. They never asked whether this plan was found for them or found for others. They collect their experiences, memories, This is more than can be dealt with, and this is the reason not to achieve their dreams. (Paulo Colhu) What happens if the devil came one day to glide when you feel loneliness and loneliness says to you: This life as you live now you have to live countless countless times, will not throw yourself to be consumed repeatedly, press your teeth and curse the devil who This latest you. Or you have experience once in every moment, you answer: I have not heard anything like this in my life. (Frederick Nietzsche, science fun) I do not know what is called, the spaces between the seconds - but I think you always be within these distances. (Salvador Placencia) Some days be bad and sad, you should experience the sadness to know the feeling of happiness, I must remind myself that not every day be a happy and wonderful day, this is life. (Dita Von Tess) Everyone is centered around a certain kind of grief, grief may not get you directly but you can feel it. (Tracy Henson)

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