What is the use of the phone? The phone rings and the heart is closed

What is the use of the phone? The

 phone rings and the heart is closed

The most precious tears in the world tears of the mother, and the most sincere tears of the oppressed, the most innocent tears of children 0 Who said that the eye excreted tears, the real tears are the steam of the soul of pain. I thought I could light my candle again, I forgot how to light the candles from a long time ago, I thought I could write words of joy, but when I wrote I felt that something inside me had been wounded. I cried the day I was born, and days explained to me why. Tears are a human language that only the gentle hearts and the compassionate feelings can do. The tears are the fires of great grief. I did not create tears for nothing in vain, God knows with sadness. Why do you turn your face on me? Have you decided to leave? And my tears, which flow to those who left them? Who is my sweet dream? Eat rust rust and eat heartache. When you kill the tear in its cradle you are no doubt a cruel person. Tears are not sadness, grief is that you can prevent yourself from crying in front of someone for this Sunday. Sad my mind .. my words are desperate .. I stole my whispers to the erasure of my soul. But do you find me the lines .. Will turn the administrator .. Many are the tears and hope without a return. I saw a different era revolves ... There is no sorrow lasts and pleasure .. The kings have built it with shortness ... What remains kings and shortcomings. All cities are equal if we enter on a sorrowful visa. No one deserves your tears, anyway that person who deserves it will not make you cry. I am surprised that some people are surprised by the tears of men, wonder that they have no hearts. Often tears come from the eye instead of the heart. Sad wings fly by with time. The sorrowful, grieving soul finds comfort by joining with another soul, similar to the feeling and sharing it with the feeling, as the stranger strangely resorts to a land far from their homeland. The hearts that are reduced by the grief of each other are not separated by the joys and joys of the joys, the sadness is stronger in the soul than the bonds of joy and pleasure. The eyes wash with her tears and remain pure and beautiful and immortal. So the days deprived me even of dreams, I loved loneliness and torment, the joys between me and her veil, how long my heart, how long will the days? How long will I shut my sorrows? Good humor is the food of the soul and sadness is its poison. You can not prevent birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from nesting in your hair. When we fail and shed tears; they either turn into candles to illuminate our path of the future and learn from our mistakes, or that these tears sink us into the sea of ​​dark despair. Sadness is only a wall between two gardens. When I bend down to kiss your hands, I shed tears of weakness above your chest, and beg your pleasing glances from your eyes, I only feel the fullness of my manhood. My tears were scattered among the lines. My sadness was engraved among the flowers. The lines will not forget those smiles, has scattered fragrant perfumes, has come to leave pulls his ears bloody knocking doors of ages, here is life robbed the warmth of hearts and leaves us spilled tears of the sea. Sadness causes darkness in the heart more than any sin. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by sadness until we get used to it, forgetting that in life many things can make us happy. The tears are the fires of great grief. The most honest sadness is a smile with tearful eyes. Long silence is the road to grief, because it is a picture of death. Sadness is the blackness of the muzzle in your chest, the mute of your breath, the feeling of tightness of breath, and the tear of your heart until it closes the tears of the eyes. The heart is full of grief like a warm, hard-to-carry cup. Tears save you from the fire, it is a tear of fear of God. The smiles are digging the channels of future tears. Anger, tears and sorrow are surrendering weapons. If you have tears, prepare to shed them. Sadness is that you love madly, violently and lovingly but at the moment you discover that all this is just an illusion. Unleash your tears whenever you want to start and maintain your pride. Often the facts of life are a mixture of tears and smiles. The tears of joy are tears of sadness that were boiling inside us, and in the hour of joy we bid farewell to sadness to come out with the tears of sincere tears. In the tears of women, the wise man sees only water. Teardrop is a small drop that carries the greatest emotions and the most severe pain, a small drop in size, but large with its burdens and sorrows, sucking my pains from my body to get it hot and inflamed. Mistakes source of temporary happiness and lasting sadness. Any man who dies, does not end up looking at those who love him unless they wash him with tears. The tears are the last dust of the earth that the dead man embodies and says it is over. We can represent laughter, we can smile politely, but we can not drop one tear for no real reason. No sorrow lasts and no pleasure ... nor misery for you nor prosperity .. If you have a heart of envy ... You and the owner of the world, either. Crocodile tears are called crocodiles. Man is a human being with all the meaning of this word, and he will never be swarming. Do not cry when the sun is gone, because tears will prevent you from seeing the stars. The saddest thing is to remember the days of pleasure and happiness when you are in the most miserable and miserable situations. Hope relieves the tear that grief brings. Guide tears loving but not treatment. I'm not sad because people do not know me, but I'm sad because I do not know them. Have you heard that sadness brings back what has been lost and that worry is wrong? Too many tears do not meet a little debt. All the tears of the earth can not afford a small boat that can accommodate parents looking for their missing child. If you want to build walls around you to prevent sadness from reaching you, know that these walls will prevent happiness from reaching you as well. When sadness overwhelms you, your heart is hoping again, you will see that you are in fact crying from what was once your source of joy. It is not sadness but self-defeating rust, and active action is the one who purifies the soul and clears it and saves it from its sorrows. The eye that does not cry does not actually see anything. I do not need ink to write my history, but to tears. Strange are the days when we have happiness we do not feel and we think we are unfortunate, but once we leave that Life Quotes 

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