What is wetting my heart is the diameter of the water if my chest becomes full of Coals

What is wetting my heart is the diameter of 

the water if my chest becomes full of Coals

Do not try to find a dream for you, and try to make the state of refraction the beginning of a new dream, do not stand too much on the ruins, especially if you do not wait for your love to be sold, and wait for a new light that can sneak into your sad heart. The bats were inhabited, the ghosts knew their way, and the sound of a bird crawling behind the horizon with the light of a new morning, do not look at the leaves whose color has changed and its letters are faded, and its lines fade between the pain and the brutality; you will discover that these lines are not the most beautiful and the papers are not The last thing I set up, I must differentiate between putting your lines in my eyes E, and those who threw it to the wind, these lines were not just beautiful words passing; but the feelings of heart, lived characters .. Character, and the pulse of a human carried a dream, and burned with pain. I do not know where to start, and when the end and the calamity that I ended before I start, these tears raced me to write to explain instead of me, I do not know I do not know I'm sure, or I dream. We have no power over our hearts, they spring to whomever they want, whenever they want, and whatever they want, some of them beat their hearts, and some heart beats with them, and some are the heartbeat. I do not need you, I need you more, and more than the eyes of my eyes, God only knows what happened to me, I want you to collect the debris of what I fell inside me. It is not sad that a person is blind, but it is sad that a person can not tolerate blindness. If you find that the doors are closed, hope is hopeless, and if you have ever loved the keys to your heart, and shut them down in the vaults of forgetfulness, here I will only tell you that your dignity is much more important than your wounded heart. It is useful to call a loved one who does not hear you, to live in a house where no one knows you anymore, and to live on the memory of a man who is overbearing for no reason. In love, do not waste your share, do not buy from your sales, and do not grieve for him. My tears forced me to write, my mother forced me to cry, my heart forced me to think, and forced me to think I was in pain, and the pain forced me to bleed, the bleeding made me die, and death forced me to miss. Do not be like a heron, this strange bird who sings the most beautiful of his pubes and he bleeds, nothing in this world deserves your blood one point. If the winter closes the doors of your house, the icebergs surround you from everywhere, wait for the coming of spring, open your windows to the fresh air, and look away; you will see swarms of birds, you sing again, and you will see the sun as it takes its golden threads over the branches to make you a new life and a dream. A new heart, pay your whole life for a sincere feeling, a heart that contains you, and do not pay for a moment for a fugitive lover or a heart abandoned for no reason, do not travel to the desert in search of beautiful trees; Which contains the shadow and happy fruits, and the Angie Agha Do not try to recalculate yesterday and what you lost in it; the age when its leaves fall will not return again, but with every new spring other leaves will sprout, look at those sheets that cover the face of the sky, and let you fall from the ground. If you have the day, you will have the day, do not grieve yesterday, he will not return, and do not regret the day is gone, we sometimes get used to sadness to become part of us and become part of it, and Sometimes the human eye gets used to some colors and loses the ability to see others, even though he tried to see what was around him He said that the color of black is beautiful, but the white is more beautiful than it, and that the color of the gray sky moves feelings and imagination; but the color of the sky is the purest in its blueness. Look for serenity, even if it is a moment, and seek fulfillment even if it is tired and hard, If you find no one to please you, try to be happy with yourself, and if you find no one to light a cane, do not look for another extinguished, and if you find no one planted in your days and rose; Sometimes we are overwhelmed by sadness until we get used to it, forgetting that in life many things can make us happy, and that many faces around us can light up in the dark of our days a candle; look for a heart that gives you light, and do not leave yourself hostage to the sorrows of the dark nights. On the night of the sad nights, and in the corner of my dark room, I caught my pen for the line of my thoughts and my grief. If my pen falls from me and runs away from me, I seek him to steal him. I run away from me, or from my sad fate? I said to him: "My sad pen, I have left our wounds, and our sorrows without being revealed." He said, "Go, and sail in the depths of your heart to a man who is more beloved to you than the Spirit." From torturing yourself, and torturing someone who does not have a heart or a soul, I asked him: "If this wound is because of a human being, it is more precious than the soul. I felt that he had bowed to me, and helped me in writing my own mind. When the ink came out of my pen, it flowed, and I marveled, and I looked at him, saying: What do you mean? He said: Sir, because I have no heart. No soul, do you want me to hurt your heart's sorrow and I will not cry your wounded heart?!. And do not know what the reason, so you do not know and do not know, and Ttek repeatedly and repeatedly, and scream, and you do not know what is the reason, Screaming, yelling, how long? Everyone around you is fed up with you, what are you going to do, you can not help but silence, I just shut up, I see death from time to time, not a description of the torture

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