When we see a group of people laughing at each other we smile subconsciously for their joy

When we see a group of people laughing 

at each other we smile 

subconsciously for their joy

The smile is when a person is exposed to happy and happy situations. His spontaneity, directness and spontaneity are the smile, a language that the whole world understands. It is even said to be universal, just like the intelligible English wherever the human has gone across the world. The smile is a sincere messenger to the hearts around man. Those who emerge from the depths, and able to change the curve of their bad day and spread hope and optimism in them, a simple movement, but it has implications and meanings and dimensions and effects are very deep, has been narrated from the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him equal In the conversation between the smile and charity, because of its importance in the planting of love and affection in the soul, has also been said that the smile of the loser lose the triumph of the triumph of victory, has been said to smile first pleased later, and other words of correct and realistic, and in this article we will talk about the benefits of smile, In addition to mentioning some of the sayings and the ruling on the subject of the smile explained and clarified. The benefits of smile to smile An important role and importance in the life of people and the lives of people around it, and mention of the benefits of an example not limited to the following: Smile play an important role in increasing the sense of good and positive thinking. The brain activates and moves forty-four muscles in humans, especially those around the mouth and muscles that are also around the eyes. Affect others by delighting them and spreading joy and joy to them. Make a person loved among people. Gives gravity to the human. Eliminates the human mental disorders such as tension, anxiety and depression and remove negative thinking, because of its important role in stimulating hormones. Helps to overcome some of his difficult and difficult life situations, such as getting married, getting a job, a job, and other examples. Leading a person to laugh which is beneficial to health, as demonstrated by recent studies. It is a way of dealing with people. It reduces stress and fatigue and gives a sense of energy and vitality. Spreading positive energy among people is seen by many as an infection. The smile has an important role to play in building and strengthening relationships. Sayings of the smile There are many statements that dealt with the subject of smile, Vkkrt these words and we will review a few of them, as follows: Mother Teresa: "Peace begins with a smile." Shakespeare: "When he smiles stolen he steals something from the thief." Felice Diller: "The smile is the curve that makes everything straight." "Give people a smile, this may be the best thing anyone can find all day."

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