Yesterday I wished to see you and before hearing your voice. Today I wish to forget you

Yesterday I wished to see you 

and before hearing your voice.

 Today I wish to forget you

Forgetting the people who have encountered us in life is very easy. You can forget anyone you have encountered or dealt with for a short or relatively long time and then forget that person. Even if we want to remember that person, we can do it but with difficulty, but the difficulty is to forget someone who has been hurt. , Forgetting the person of our wound is one of the most difficult things that a person can do because the person who hurts us affects our lives. As the sad parable is, it is hard to forget a person who has hurt us and caused us sorrow. This is the nature of the human soul. Humans do not forget the sorrows quickly but we keep them beside some aspects of h Come to us. We hide in our hearts the abuses that we are subjected to by others and we hold them and we continue to enjoy the role of victim in daily life and every minute we choose with ourselves but this is a very wrong thing and we have to treat it as soon as it can evolve. People in life are divided into masochists, people who enjoy the torments of others. There are other types of people, sadists, who enjoy torturing people. There is a natural person who hates hurting people and hates harm from others at the same time, so we must try as much as possible We are people who mediate this balance of people. We can forget the person who abused us by always remembering that this person did it for some reason, we have to learn how to justify the reason for the other to understand the motivation that caused us because of it, where the motivation is the primary driver of the other person to injure us, we have to know that the person He must possess a weapon to face all the hardships of life he is going through. This weapon is priceless and we can possess it with our knowledge of our knowledge and culture. This weapon is tolerance. Whoever possesses tolerance becomes comfortable with comfort, comfort, and psychological comfort. Of the people who will challenge us in this life, some of them We will hurt and some will rejoice and give us hope and happiness. We must forgive, forgive and forget so that we can continue in this life and live happily ever after.

How to forget someone who brings us life sometimes with people we may regard as life for us, and may come a moment away from these people, the heart is torn apart, the eye is crying because it no longer see them, and the self refuses to do things that used to do in the past, You feel that all the things that will happen after that will be bad, it is you who participated in the time of your happiness, who is plump at you in the time of your grief, but willing fate to shave each of you in the way and direction of the other, then you find yourself miserable looking at life negative , And that all the days that will come will be abhorrent, though this is If your circumstances leave you away from this person, you will feel that life, as deprived of the most precious people in your heart, will deprive you of many things. At this time, you must stop these negative thoughts and think positively. These thoughts are wrong, and life does not stop for anyone, and the train is not waiting for us. You have to wake up from your stupidity before the old train goes, and you regret the situation you have reached. Forgetting is difficult but not impossible. How can I forget someone? If you cry, it will calm the fire that is inside you. It is okay to cry for only five minutes, after which you have to sit with yourself and think, How long? How long will the fear and disrespect? It is time to wake up and think rationally, think that this is a test to know the ability of your strength, the strength is the one who is patient when adversity, and the strong is the one who earns because he will benefit himself, let us you right and waste your time on something useless is injustice to yourself, Write what you feel, and draw, complete what is inside you and do not set it up so as not to accumulate Vnfjr and hurt you, specify what you want, think about the wisdom that God wanted to meet you and the wisdom of this person out of your life, think positively, make the intention out of you You want to forget this person, to realize that nothing is worth crying or grieving for. Fill in the void that is inside you Have you thought when you were sitting with yourself Why did God bring this person out of your life? It may be a test from God to see the extent of your faith and patience, and this is the origin to make our hearts related to God The Almighty is the only one worthy of this love, and whoever is concerned with God never disappoints. As I said, fill the void that is in you with your love for God and obey Him and seek refuge in Him, He is close to you. You only have to trust him, His mercy, and ask him what you want, and invite him to provide you good and satisfy you, so much good comes to us and ignorance of the lack of knowledge that this is good We will benefit, so pray to God to make you satisfied with what comes from him - His blessings and exaltation - the satisfaction and satisfaction of what God offers - the Almighty - treasure is inexhaustible, try to succeed in this test, and prepare to face it to compensate you God - the Almighty - the best. Start new Make yourself a new beginning, the past gone and will not come back, and the future has not come yet, you have to live the moment Do not waste your present, and used to not regret your future, and as we said earlier that the exit of one was shared with you a lot of moments of your life will leave behind you a vacuum, It is necessary to fill the void by doing what is harmful to you. Many of those who deliberately harm themselves because of their loss of a person and can not forget it, because of the pain they feel inside their soul, So we will try to satisfy ourselves by doing useful things and meet new people, and stay away from Things that remind you of that person, do not go to places which already had them, do not try to think about it, and by the time I turn on the things you love and new do not even find time to think about it. Getting rid of negative thoughts Many people when they fail to experiment, or when they lose someone, start thinking that they will not find anyone to support them, and be next to them, that is, loneliness will be part of their life. Dissolve these thoughts by reinforcing your self confidence that you have a personality dreaming It is a negative idea to blame yourself that there is a defect you want to fix it so that people do not leave you, and the worst thing is to think about restoring this person to your life after you intend to forget it , And you are sure you will never find him, why do you think this way If you left a defect in us and do anything to return it? Do not you know that the one who wants you will cut all the thorns to be with you, and will satisfy you and your defects. If you feel that someone is selling you and leaving you, do not give yourself a chance, not even thinking or sadness for it. Enjoy the strong personality You must enjoy the strong personality that is not broken by any barriers standing in the way, if you will exceed the bridges and roads alone, there is nothing wrong with that, you are a person is not dependable, I do not need anyone to be weak for him, you alone can enjoy your life, And you can force those around you to respect you and appreciate yourself, many girls do not want divorce for fear of the words of people, despite what you see misery in her life, so we say you and look what people will say, Vrzhamm must increase the determination and strength that you will face these circumstances with all force, And when you go up the stairs and with all the pride of yourself, those who spoke about you will wake up Rennes, this is not what they expected of you, in this life few of you want good. Taking care of yourself and your appearance A little change in your appearance will reflect that change and renewal in your personality. One of the things that can change your mood is to cut hair and change color, or buy new clothes. After getting out of emotional impotence you need to take care of your skin, use creams and moisturizers; because the psychological stresses that the individual is exposed to the skin that begins with the emergence of pills and the cost of the bottom of the eyes, do not claim this opportunity

Happen, and do not allow your hair to fall. Going out with friends As we talked before you dictate your vacuum, you can go on vacation to the sea, studies have shown that sitting in front of the sea relaxes the psychological better than going to the psychiatrist three times. You can eat fruits and bananas, adjust your mood, go to the amusement park and ride the scary games. To get out of your imagination, go to the cinema to watch a movie. You may find a lesson that tells you what happened to you. Make beautiful memories with our hands. We make what is beautiful. Happiness does not need more than a heart that believes in happiness within it. Yes, happiness is inside your heart. You are looking for it. Do not be shy about yourself in a moment of happiness. No one knows what will happen tomorrow.

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