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Terms is important to know its meaning.

Terms is important to know its meaning.

- Liberalism: absolute freedom.
Imperialism: Colonialism.
- Democracy: the rule of the people for himself.
- The aristocracy: The nobility.
- The bourgeoisie: the class between workers and nobles (traders).
- The proletariat: the working class (the hardworking).
- Technocratic: the rule of the educated scientific scientific class.
- Ideology: the science of ideas.
- Semiotics: Tag Science.
- Bureaucracy: mood / selectivity.
- Seikobutism: hostile or belligerent.
- Pragmatism: practicalism / practicalism.
- The Mensheviks: the minority.
- Bolshevism: majority.
- Terminology: the science of ends.
- Gnosticism: indulging in the spiritual world.
- Nervana: the state of emancipation of mental and sensory pain (Buddhism).
- Metaphysics: Beyond Nature.
- Astacia: Aesthetics.
- Epistemology: knowledge science.
- Methylogia: Mythology.
- Anthology: Anthropology.
Geology: Earth science.
- Methodology: Curriculum.
- Pathology: Pathology.
Theology: theology or theology
Anthropology: Anthropology.
- Pathology: Ancient anthropology.
- Archeology: the culture of ancient cultures.
- Philosophy: love of wisdom.
Logic: Knowledge of the laws of thought.
- Dialectics: the art of debate and dialogue.
- Parliament: Any meeting for discussion.
- Protocol: formal controls or treaties.
- The Torah: Education and Sharia.
- Gospel: Good news.
The Patriarch: The Father.
Cardinal: Member of the Supreme Commission of the Catholic Church.
- Theology: Divine Nature.
- Manhood: Human nature.
- Necromanism: recalling spirits.
- Totem: The title of any entity worshiped.
- Yoga: ritual and contemplative and spiritual exercises.
- Radical: call for radical change.
- Dictator: absolute ruler.
Agenda: Agenda
For psychology: Psychology.
- Gynecology: Gynecology.
Genealogy: Genealogy.
- Senator: Member of the Senate.
- Congress: the supreme legislative body.
- Schizophrenia: schizophrenia.
- Barbarian: Barbaric.
- Charisma: Personal Attraction.
Prestige: Social status.



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